How to be productive and enjoy your vacation at the same time

Beach and productivity are not incompatible. Today, we want to show you how to be productive while you enjoy your vacation.

1. Farewell to stress

If there is one thing that characterizes vacations, it is saying goodbye to routine. Getting away from stress is essential to recharge your batteries. Rule number one is to enjoy.

Use the time to organize and do pleasant activities. It is a great time to practice your hobbies and have fun, paying attention to little else. Doing that will help you recover body and mind, tired after a long working term.

2. Break away

Rule number two is quite simple: close your laptop and turn off your phone. Switch off all devices and forget about social networks. Some things will prove difficult to ignore (for instance, pictures or status updates), but in order to make the most of our vacation it is indispensable to limit the time we allot to be “online”.

On the other hand, having the chance to work remotely does not mean we have to do it. On the contrary; not only won’t we get ahead with work, but we will reduce our productivity in the medium term. Reduce your online time and you will notice the benefits.

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3. Plan your absence

We are going on vacation and our team must be informed, especially if we are leading a business or responsible for a department. There are people who depend on our work, so the least we can do is to have them informed about our availability. Doing so will also reassure us and will be good for our peace of mind, allowing us to enjoy our vacation better.

Write an “out of office” message to notify whoever writes to you that you will not be available, and be sure to offer an alternative contact for them to use. This simple gesture will relieve your own anxiety and reduce the workload on your return, as someone will have taken over certain tasks which, otherwise, would have accumulated and waited for you.

4. Plan your vacation in advance

Don’t panic: this time we won’t tell you about meetings and the importance of their early convening. On the contrary, one of the tips on how to be productive on vacation is thinking about them and enjoying the preparations.

For example, find out about leisure activities in your destination; make sure you have reservations at the places and activities requiring them. Check that everything is ready for your trip and stay and you will enjoy a better vacation while you avoid last minute problems.

5. Identify your energy peaks

Maximizing productivity during the summer can stop being a chimera. Start by identifying your energy peaks. Those will not be the same in summer than during your daily routine at the office. When we work, we are usually more productive in the morning.

Being on vacation, this may have changed: pay attention to the intervals where you make the most of your time to work on something that you have set your mind to (for example, studying a language, planning a route, organizing a trip, etc.).

6. Get to know your team

A vacation can be the perfect excuse to get to know your employees better. If you are leading a team, you can ask them about their summer plans, interests, etc. These conversations will strengthen your leadership and create team culture, which will in turn be beneficial to your organization.

7. Recharge your batteries

Saving some time for “inactivity” is also necessary to recharge your batteries and ultimately be more productive. During the vacation season, we are not entirely free of stress (we deal with different sources of it, different schedules, we are with different people, which may result in different stress situations). Try to improve your work – life balance.

Relax and you will be able to renew your energy for maximum enjoyment of your vacation and a good start when getting back to your job.

8. Respect timing

During vacations, we tend to change our habits and that is perfectly normal. However, it is important not to alter your pace too much and to respect meal times and, above all, your sleep. Set a boundary so you won’t “cross” it and you will notice the beneficial effects of not driving your body crazy. You will see it will be easier to get used to early mornings again.

9. Reflect

Take your time to briefly reflect on your goals and objectives. It will make you organize your ideas and make the most of your rest. Leaders are to look over their long term goals once in a while, why don’t you do it in the summer, when the environment is most relaxing?

10. Do sport

Yes, it’s true, vacations are there to rest. However, some easy routine of physical exercise will help our body get active, and that will ultimately benefit our rest. And if you resolve to make a habit of it for the rest of the year, so much the better.

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And you, what do you do on vacation to keep being productive?

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