House of Cards, the most-watched leadership course on tv

The protagonist of the series ‘House of Cards,’ Frank Underwood (played by acclaimed actor Kevin Spacey), is a powerful politician who knows how to get what he wants and has the skills and resources to do it. Millions of viewers closely follow the movements of this ruthless character from whom, despite everything, we can learn some valuable lessons. Welcome to the most-watched leadership course on television.

If we analyze some of the most famous quotes from Frank Underwood in ‘House of Cards,’ we are perhaps seeing the most widely viewed course on leadership on television.

1. «I must not lose my resolve. I will march forward, even if I have to do so alone»

A leader never gives up. Although the confidence and faith of your “followers” may falter, at the moments when you feel deserted, you must exhibit faith in yourself and in your goals.

2. «Starting from scratch sounds like ‘zero’. I like to start again»

Leaders also sometimes have to wipe the slate clean and start all over. When this happens, you should do what Frank Underwood does and “go back to square one,” without forgetting everything you’ve learned along the way. Experience is a great basis for successful leadership; don’t forget to take note of your errors so that you don’t repeat them.

3. «It only takes ten seconds to crush a man’s ambition»

The decisions you take as a leader have a powerful impact on your environment and help strengthen your position. If you act unfairly, you can demotivate an entire team.

4. «Generosity is its own form of power»

This Frank Underwood line demonstrates that a leader also can and should be generous with his or her team for the good of the project. A sound strategy is to train your team and develop their professional capabilities for achieving success.

5. «I don’t like to see anybody lose if everybody can win»

A leader doesn’t rejoice when others lose but rather tries to find situations where everyone wins. Don’t intimidate the members of your organization with unrealistic deadlines or unnecessary pressure: a good leader knows how to delegate intelligently and takes satisfaction in the successes of the team.

6. «If you want to earn my loyalty then you have to offer yours in return»

Leadership is a two-way street. To earn the trust of the team, you must also give them yours and stand up for them when they need you to. A leader supports the ideas of the team and fights for their interests. You’ll see how with small gestures of loyalty you can win the support of your people.

7. «I know it’s pointless to worry until I know what cards I’m holding»

Don’t worry unnecessarily about what could happen. You should prepare for the unexpected and deal with whatever comes your way depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind that a decision made in haste or fear can send months of planning down the drain.

8. «Insecurity bores me»

A good leader never shows insecurity. Confidence in yourself and in your team is fundamental for the success of any project. Don’t be afraid of learning from your employees, instead try to get involved and learn what they’re doing. Help them develop their potential and give them opportunities to better themselves and, working together, achieve the goals set out for them.

9. «Success is a mixture of preparation and luck»

A good leader acts and makes decision with an eye to the future. A long-term vision is essential for correct decision-making and confronting any problems that might arise. Anticipating circumstances will be crucial for detecting threats and responding to them.

Do you watch House of Cards? Which leadership traits would you highlight in the characters in the series? Is the best leadership course on television? Because Claire Underwood is no slouch herself when it comes to leadership, eh?

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