Gamification in corporate training

Gamification training has become a favored buzz word. That is why companies are including gamified elements as a part of their corporate training plans.

Gamification has become an important element in corporate training as a way deployed by instructors to increase participant motivation during the learning process. In online training formats, the use of gamification elements is getting increasingly common place.

By incorporating gamification elements in a virtual learning environment, content designers seek to ensure participants will progress through the learning experience or course. Gamification, in brief, makes the learning process more motivating and engaging. By itself, however, the use of gamification has nothing to do with the appearance and structure of the course. If the course is built around poor learning content, such as the use of non-interactive PowerPoint formats, then the benefits of gamification elements are wasted and have little impact on the ability to of students to learn.

In order to optimize the benefits of gamification, companies have integrated these elements in video game formats or courses. In this video game medium, the impact of gamification elements and, accordingly, the positive attitude created in students to complete a course is put to full use. Along with gamification elements, video games used for learning purposes include a story that engages students so they learn the subject matter content and also have an opportunity to interact with the game and practice what is being learned. In a new era of corporate training, frequently concepts like gamification and game-based learning are used as synonyms.

While gamification both enhance motivation and engagement, only the game-based learning aspect is linked to the cognitive-improvement area of the course where the learning and development happens; gamification simply refers to the techniques used to increase motivation, make training fun, engage students and improve completion rates. In brief, the quality of game-based learning courses depends on it the quality of the course content and on the level of interaction that allow students to practice and learn.

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