Gamification: 6 must-read articles

Gamification is one of the trendiest words in the worlds of education and business. But do you really know how it works? Are you familiar with the most prominent examples of gamification? If you still have some doubts, read these 6 articles to catch up to speed with the latest tendencies in gamification.

1 – The ultimate step-by-step guide to understanding gamification

To begin with, there is nothing better than an article that puts gamification in context, explaining the term in detail with some of the most relevant examples and a list of its main techniques. This article will introduce you to some of the sector’s most renowned experts and the human instincts to which gamification appeals. Essential.

2 – Top 10 groundbreaking gamification examples

If you want to escape the confines of definitions and theories, in this article you will find some of the most solid examples of gamification: from teaching math to the implementation of improvements in Windows, and through physical exercise or corporate training. Ten relevant examples that will provide you with a slew of ideas regarding the keys to gamification.

3 – Myths about gamification

“Gamification doesn’t work?” “Gamification is dead? “Gamification is the same as game-based learning?” If you don’t want to fall prey to many of stereotypes circulating about this term, this article is a must read to debunk many of the myths about gamification.

4 – Interview with Yu-kai Chou: “Gamification can make company training more entertaining and fun”

In this interview Yu-kai Chou, one of the world’s leading experts in gamification, explains the secrets to use gaming techniques successfully. One of the most important principles is to appeal to human instincts (sensation of progress, use of creativity, scarcity, curiosity, epic…), which the most successful video games usually do. An interview full of interesting ideas.

5 – 8 benefits of gamifying your company

The corporate world is one of the fields where gamification is gathering the most speed. Why? Because of the enormous benefits that it could have for companies: improving productivity, increasing motivation of employees, boosting creativity… and even up to 8 benefits that many companies are already enjoying.

6 – The unstoppable growth of gamification in education

Education is yet another field where gamification has been progressing at full speed. Game dynamics (points, rewards, rankings, characters…) can transform learning into something much more entertaining and fun, increasing the levels of motivation and, consequently, learning.

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