Gamelearn Visiting Mexico City to Attend the HR International Congress

We are attending the HR International Congress being held in Mexico City on May 11 and 12. In Gamelearn, we intend to carry on having international presence and share, once again, our success with game­based learning.

At this HR International Congress, issues to be discussed will include the need for companies to offer quality training to their employees in an increasingly accessible and interactive way, in line with the growth of online learning.

The keynote of the conferences will help us understand the problems of the implementation of ineffective training actions. With our attendance, we will also try to encourage companies in their commitment to new technologies, so that they will lead the change in their organizations with innovative formats.

Our co­founder and Business Development director, Mai Apraiz, will take part in the panel of experts tomorrow at 11:00 (local time), to discuss and delve into gamified learning, together with the attendees. We will also be present at the Post Congress Workshops to explain how to develop effective e-­learning projects.

Game-­based learning methodologies, such as those developed in Gamelearn, are at their peak in the sector. The main focus of our intervention will be placed on different topics related to training in companies, among which we can highlight:

  • How to generate engagement through new learning techniques.
  • Game­based learning: the power of challenges and fun diagrams.
  • The rise of mobile learning.

Currently, more than 60% of corporate training is online, but it presents a problem in quality that worries those responsible of HR departments. The International Congress in Mexico is the perfect occasion to find out about the most common mistakes of low­quality e­learning:

  • It is boring: only 25% of users complete it.
  • It is not motivating: new generations need more interactivity and dynamism.
  • It does not generate engagement: only in the US, lack of engagement represents a cost of $400 million.

The goal of Gamelearn is to deal with the deficiencies of inefficient e­learning and break down the barriers of traditional training, through their game­based learning platform. Their games Merchants, Triskelion and Pacific guarantee completion ratios above 90% and an applicability of a 97%.

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