Gamelearn takes part in the HR Leaders Meeting in Mexico City

In Gamelearn, we continue our international tour around Latin America with a new stop in Mexico City. It is the Human Resources Leaders Meeting, being held on June 23 and 24.

Our CEO, Ibrahim Jabary, has been in charge of presenting to the audience the Techniques and strategies to generate engagement in online training activities, with the successful example of serious games and the first game-based learning platform on the market.

The cost of the lack of ‘engagement’

Currently, over 60% of corporate training is online, but the common denominator of low-quality e-learning is the lack of engagement:

  • It is boring: only 30% of users actually complete it, according to Forrester Research.
  • It is not motivating: the new generations call for greater interactivity and dynamism.
  • It does not generate engagement: only in the US, the cost of lack of involvement is more than 400 million [Source: Gallup]

In this situation, solutions such as serious games come up, seeking to generate engagement through the videogame. Game-based learning combines the power of challenges and fun patterns and structures, and a much faster and easier accessibility for many profiles, as Jabary explained in his speech.

The success of game-based learning

Gamelearn’s experience in developing game-based learning formulas has made it possible for those attending the HR Leaders Summit to get to know new strategies in the development and training of human capital.

Game-based learning is already a success in many organizations which have opted for innovative projects when training their employees. This reality shows that game-based learning is not only the trend of the present, but also the trend in the coming years.

This is shown in the report “The 2014-2019 Global Edugame Market” (Ambient Insight), which considers this new way of developing talent the trend in training with the highest growth rate in the next four years, ahead of other models: Game-based learning (22%), simulation (17%), cognitive (13%), mobile-learning (12%), reference-ware learning (9%), collaborative (7%), e-learning (4%) .

Objective: to improve the management of human capital

This 2016 edition of the HR Leaders Summit, organized by Conference Management, offers the opportunity to hundreds of professionals to catch up with the latest trends in training. A meeting place to exchange experiences, bring innovations and know firsthand the most significant cases of success.

For Gamelearn, which spoke alongside other major multinational companies such as Kellogg’s, Siemens, LG, Nestle and Microsoft, forums like this one in Mexico City serve to improve human capital management in companies. The goal: to optimize competitiveness and make workforces the most important resource in organizations.

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Photo: Conference Management

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