Gamelearn Strengthens its Leadership in Latin America at the ATD Mexico Summit

Gamelearn is attending once more the ATD México Summit, held in Mexico City today. There, the leading experts in corporate training gather to present the latest news in talent development for organizations.

The ATD (Association for Talent Development) is one of the important meetings of the year in the field of Human Resources, where companies, professionals and experts get together to find effective solutions that will contribute towards the growth and development of organizations.

Gamelearn's booth at ATD Mexico Summit

Gamelearn’s booth at ATD Mexico Summit

Techniques and strategies to improve engagement

Gamelearn, strengthening its leadership in Latin America, is participating at 13:40 local time, with a session on ‘Techniques and strategies to improve engagement with e-learning programs’. The talk will be given by Mai Apraiz, CSO and co-founder of the company.

Every day, companies face new challenges and talent development becomes crucial in reaching goals for every company. However, one of the main concerns among training experts is the lack of engagement. This is why the ATD is focusing on digital tools and the advantages they offer for encouraging participation in training actions.

Gamelearn and the rest of attendees find in this summit in Mexico a golden opportunity to delve into key aspects related to employee motivation through new successful methodologies. Managing a diverse workforce who is increasingly familiar with new technologies is the most important challenge for thousands of organizations worldwide. Welcome to the digital transformation of talent development.

Game-based learning, key concept for the ATD

New generations and the so-called Millenials are starting to be part of workforces. The question is: how to develop their potential? How to generate engagement among these young workforces? The report “The 2016-2021 Global Edugame Market” (Ambient Insight), places “game-based learning” as the training trend with the highest growth rate in the next five years, ahead of other modalities: Game-based learning (22%), simulation (17%), cognitive (11%), mobile-learning (7%), digital reference-ware (-3%), collaborative (-5%), e-Learning (-7%).

Gamelearn’s game-based learning platform is designed with the goal of adapting to constant changes and help companies grow in a global, increasingly competitive market. This year, the ATD México Summit 2016 becomes the perfect opportunity to address crucial issues such as gamification, virtual reality or skill development.

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