Gamelearn shares the advantages of game-based learning at Zukunft Personal 2019

Gamelearn was one of the few companies to develop game-based e-learning for corporate training and communication within the Zukunft Personal Europe 2019. HR managers from multiple organizations gather at this fair where they discover an impressive range of solutions related to their work.

Gamelearn was present at Zukunft to present a renewed platform, with new serious games which are not only focused on specific soft skills, but also customizable video games, capable of adapting to any communicative or training needs within an organization.

Gamelearn at Zukunft Personal 2019

Gamelearn team at Zukunft Personal 2019

According to the latest study report published by, the global gamification market is expected to demonstrate a significant growth by 2027, with a prominent CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) during the anticipated period (2018 – 2027). In this context, Europe market is expected to witness a CAGR growth of over 35% in the global gamification market during the same period, mainly due to the high adoption of gamification solution in countries such as Germany, U.K. and Italy.

This outlook is promising for German companies; in fact, growing interest showed in this HR fair was evident, despite the reduced presence of companies dedicated to gamification in a purely digital environment.

Customizable serious games, the new future

Taking advantage of Gamelearn’s team presence in Cologne, some of the company’s clients located in the city were invited to try one of the new customizable games, MARS. The guests were able to experience by themselves how the system for generating and challenging questions about any topic generates a healthy competitive spirit among the participants.

Gamelearn demo in Cologne

Playing MARS at the demo event in Cologne

MARS is a social game, based on creating and answering questions, as experienced in any “trivia” game. What makes it a real video game is that it is framed in a specific scenario. Players turn into new inhabitants of MARS, with the aim of creating colonies, as big and happy as possible.

Gamelearn Mars demo in Cologne

MARS demo winners celebrate their victory

The key elements of game-based learning are present in MARS, as it is the engagement among its users. There is no doubt about this once you take a look at their faces while playing the game.

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