Gamelearn promotes game-based training for companies in its Online Premieres

At Gamelearn we continue to focus on 100% online corporate training with the advantages of cost reduction, improved employee performance and increased retention of what is learned by students. All this is possible thanks to the most innovative game-based learning tools on the market.

Gamelearn has specialized in training in skills such as leadership, team management, communication, negotiation, productivity, time management, coaching, and cybersecurity, which have become the key to improving the performance of all employees, especially when they are remote working.

The online event that revolutionizes the gamification industry

The first two editions of Gamelearn Online Premiere in Spanish have been a great success with more than 1,500 professionals connected from HR, training and personal development sectors. Given the demand from the public, Gamelearn has decided to expand the calendar of online events by adding more sessions of free webinars in multiples languages such as English, Spanish and French.

The event attendees have been able to enjoy and participate in the demonstration of Gamelearn’s new products for this 2020, which includes:

  • The authoring tool Editor, which allows you to create, with your own content, training games, in a few hours and without writing code.
  • The new courses that are added to the catalog, which address issues as demanding as home office, cybersecurity or coaching, among others.

During this webinar full of emotion, the attendees who actively participated were amazed to discover how they can use Editor and the new courses to solve current remote working and training problems. Testimonials such as, “I can’t get over how much fun I had at this event!”, “I’d like to play them all” and, “I think it’s time I start creating my own video games”  filled the chat during the live presentation.

Ibrahim Jabary, CEO of Gamelearn, the perfect host

In the past editions of the Online Premiere, the attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the presentation by Ibrahim Jabary, CEO of Gamelearn, chosen as eLearning! Champion for eLearning! Media Group USA two years in a row and winner of more than 30 international game-based learning awards.

Before the Online Premiere Ibrahim Jabary already assured that the experience would be unique because it ts:

“An interactive, game-based event where hundreds of people can play, have fun and learn.” 

During the event, Ibrahim revealed all the surprises that Gamelearn has prepared to continue transforming the corporate training sector in the upcoming months. The event took place in three parts:

  1. Presentation of the company.
  2. An interactive journey to present Gamelean´s new products with the online participation of the attendees.
  3. Q&A session, where professionals were able to find out more details. 

Gamelearn’s innovations for this 2020 have clear advantages for customers, who will have the freedom to create courses through the Editor and can use all the added titles that are included in the subscription to the training platform.

What you were waiting for is now possible, increasing the productivity of the teams through innovative courses 100% online, fun and interactive. Also, giving and receiving feedback has never been so easy.

If you also want to attend our online events and discover how to boost your company’s development with Gamelearn you still have time, register on our website for the next Online Premiere, it is free! 

Register by language:

Spanish: April 15th.

English: 16 and 23 April.

French: 16 and 23 April, 7 May

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