Gamelearn & MSD, Gold Medal in the Brandon Hall Group Awards

Gamelearn is now part of the most select group in the training industry, after receiving the gold medal in the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology 2015 Awards in the category of Gaming and Simulators. Our programs of learning through video games with MSD have been awarded, standing out among the thousands of nominations and outdoing competitors from all around the world.

The Brandon Hall Group awards, also known as the “Training Academy Awards” (in reference to ‘The Oscars’), are the most prestigious and recognized ones within the sector. Brandon Hall Group has awarded the programs implemented by MSD, Merchants (Negotiation) and Triskelion (Time Management) which has shown how the development of skills such as negotiation, communication and organizational effectiveness through video games has a direct and significant impact on any company.


The pharmaceutical company has been betting, since 2009, on the training methodology developed by Gamelearn in order to increase competitiveness in their staff and consequently maintain the leading position in the sector. The results speak for themselves:

  • Increase of productivity by an 8%.
  • Improvement of satisfaction and ‘engagement’ of employees by a 6%.
  • Savings in training costs per employee of a 58%.

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These results, together with the innovation of a training program which, at the time of its launch (in 2009) was a revolutionary technology, have been enough to get the most important award by Brandon Hall Group. Thus, Gamelearn and MSD are already part of this “Hall of Fame” of training where other companies such as Ericsson, SAP, Verizon, Xerox or Microsoft are included.

It should also be noted that MSD became one of the first companies to design a comprehensive program based on video games within their training plan. An initiative lasting more than 5 years that has caught the attention of the jury of Brandon Hall Group, dedicated to finding excellence in training so as to determine who can be part of such a select group.

MSD continues to prove it with the addition of Pacific within their training plan to develop leadership and team management skills. 

A 2015 awash with recognitions

This award joins the Top 20 Gamification, by Training Industry, and the Top 100 Best of Elearning!, by Elearning Group, also gotten in 2015 and yet another example of the effectiveness of our innovative and revolutionary format, based on the combination of the following elements:

  1. High quality contents with a fundamentally practical approach.
  2. A sophisticated simulator that recreates real-life situations for the employee to practice and receive feedback with tips for improvement.
  3. Gamification techniques, to improve the student’s motivation through gaming dynamics and get the desired engagement in corporate training.

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