Gamelearn & Merchants, Recognized as Best Elearning Solutions in the World by Elearning! Media Group

In Gamelearn, we continue to accumulate recognition in this 2015. The latest came from Elearning! Media Group, having included us in their exclusive list of best elearning solutions worldwide: The Best of Elearning! 2015.

Professionals and experts from ??training and HR areas have chosen our learning through games method, unique in the world, as one of the best elearning training solutions.

We have developed a completely revolutionary technology which ensures efficient training in soft skills such as negotiation, communication, organizational effectiveness (time management and personal productivity) and leadership.

And all of this thanks to a format that combines, in a single product – a video game – the following elements: quality content with a fundamentally practical approach, gamification techniques and a sophisticated simulator so that students can practice and receive feedback.

Under this format, our course-video games, also called Serious Games, are born: Pacific, for the development of leadership and team management skills; Triskelion, for working on organizational and effectiveness skills like time management and personal productivity; and Merchants, designed for the development of negotiation, communication and conflict resolution skills.

Top 100 Best of Elearning!

Carlo Vecchio The latter, Merchants, has been the one to receive a special mention at the The Best of Elearning! 2015 awards. Merchants plunges into the exclusive list published every year by Elearning! Media Group: Top 100 Best of Elearning! 

Our Serious Game, set on XV century Venice, “featuring” such classics as Leonardo Da Vinci or Machiavelli, has received the “Awards of Excellence” in the category of Gamification.

A recognition of the effective format of our course-video game for the development of skills related to negotiation: effective communication, conflict management, impact and influence, innovation, creativity, orientation to results, decision making…


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Three Awards in 2015

This award writes yet another item on the list of Gamelearn’s 2015, joining the recognition by Training Industry, which considers us one of the best 20 companies in the world in the use of gamification as a training solution (Top 20 Gamification) and Brandon Hall Group, which has awarded the training programs implemented by our client Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) in the so-called “Training Academy Awards”, the Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology, in the category of Gaming and Simulators.

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