LG Electronics & Gamelearn Add LearnX Impact Awards to their International Awards Room

In Gamelearn, we start the award season with a new international recognition coming from Australia: the LearnX Impact Awards. The training program designed together with LG Electronics Spain with the purpose of raising the “engagement” of its employees through video games has received the award for best e-learning design in game format.

A new award that joins our International Awards Room and becomes the first recognition for the revolutionary initiative implemented in LG Electronics, which has chosen to use our simulators to enhance the commitment and motivation of its employees.

Our joint candidature with LG Electronics has stood out among more than one hundred candidates coming from all over the world. From now on, we are part of an honor roll which includes, among others, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Adidas and Cisco.

For our CEO, Ibrahim Jabary, “this new recognition is yet another confirmation that the videogame is not only there to entertain, but is also effective to learn and train. Along with LG, we have shown that the game can have a direct impact on employee motivation; which has had in turn a direct influence on the growth of the company. We are very proud to be part of a program of this nature.”

Diagram of the program to promote engagement

Diagram of the program to promote engagement

The awards, organized by the prestigious Australian event specialized in training and development, LearnX, recognize the best training practices for their innovation, revolution and direct impact on organizations. Three points that have been rated very highly in our candidature with LG Electronics, to ultimately win one of the most coveted international HR awards.

It must not be forgotten that LG’s training program has become one of the first experiences to prove the efficacy of the videogame in a field as complex as the motivation and ‘engagement‘ of employees.

After completion of the training program, which involved 80% of the workforce of LG Electronics, the level of employee engagement has increased by more than a 19%, which has resulted in an improvement in productivity of the workforce of a 12.61%. A direct consequence of having better committed and motivated employees.

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Innovation and Engagement

“We are proud to receive this honor, which recognizes that our innovative spirit and our commitment to employees are implemented in every area of the organization; of course in internal training as well” – has stated Juan Tinoco, General Manager of Human Resources at LG Electronics Spain. “Along with Gamelearn, we have developed one of the most innovative models in corporate training, through the use of videogames and digital simulators, in order to promote the development of professional skills”.

LG Training through Merchants Serious Game

Our Serious Games at the service of “engagement”

The serious games developed by Gamelearn have been protagonists in the successful candidature of LG. Both Merchants, serious game specialized in negotiation and conflict resolution, and Triskelion, serious game on time management and productivity, have been the videogame courses chosen by the electronics company to reach its goal.

To achieve this, we have responded to their major requirements: to make training a useful tool and one directly applicable for the employee, and to make learning a social, fun and motivating experience.

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