Gamelearn Leads the Digital Transformation of Talent Management in Next Generation Learning

Gamelearn led this Tuesday, April 26, the new digital transformation of talent management through video games. For the second consecutive year, we had the opportunity to show the advantages of using serious games in corporate training in Next Generation Learning, a forum organized by iiR Spain and specialized in HR.

Mai Apraiz, co-founder and Business Development Manager in Gamelearn, was in charge of chairing an interactive talk focused on the application of game-based learning as a solution to the lack of engagement in corporate training.

This talk was also joined by Scheherazade Miletich, director of Fujitsu Spain’s Development Area; Daniel Ferreiro, head of HR in Sanitas; and Yolanda Otero, responsible for Leadership Training and Knowledge Management in AXA.

Before more than 150 HR managers and training technicians from major national companies, Mai Apraiz demonstrated how the video game has become the most efficient tool to achieve the ‘engagement’ of employees in company training.

A solution capable of overcoming the main, characteristic problems of other educational models such as e-learning: completion rates of 25%, lack of motivation, boring content…

To achieve this, Mai Apraiz showed how Gamelearn has achieved a completion rate of a 92% with more than 700 clients around the world by combining the three ingredients of our recipe: quality content and a practical approach, an advanced simulator to practice each skill and gamification techniques in order to increase motivation.

A recipe that has already been successfully tested by the three clients who joined us and talked about their training initiatives. Scheherazade Miletich, Director of the Development Area in Fujitsu, was the first to take the floor.

Fujitsu: Success in talent management

In her presentation, she spoke about the main challenges that led her company to bet on Gamelearn (innovation, encouragement of self-learning, effective learning...) and did not hesitate to show the results of a training action geared towards talent management and in which more than 125 employees have taken part.

“Through the traffic light technique”, in which the green color represents the success of the training, and the red color stands for the lack of effectiveness of the program, Scheherazade Miletich shared the feedback received by the participants as you can see below:

Slide of Fujitsu presentation

A moment of Fujitsu’s presentation

Sanitas: High applicability of skills

The next to speak was Daniel Ferreiro, Head of HR in Sanitas, who talked about the high applicability of our training, emphasizing how employees use the skills developed with our serious games (Merchants, Triskelion and Pacific) in their jobs.

Besides, he added a touch of color to the event by showing some of the internal communication actions used in Sanitas to motivate employees and make them get engaged in the training.

AXA: Training on leadership of new managers

Yolanda Otero, responsible for Leadership Training and Knowledge Management in AXA, was in charge of finishing the talk. In her presentation, she showed how they have implemented training through video games by means of two programs.

The first one was more focused on the development of transversal skills for any professional profile, such as negotiation and personal productivity. The second, aimed at developing new managers in AXA and in which Pacific becomes the basis of  the training and leadership development for managers of the company, who learn basic skills such as delegation, motivation, effective communication, conflict resolution, performance evaluation, planning based on objectives…

Stand in Next Generation Learning

The active participation of Gamelearn in the 9th edition of Next Generation Learning took place all through the day. Gamelearn’s team had their own stand at the Ilunion Atrium Hotel in Madrid, which hosted the event, and where we took care of evangelizing and showing our success stories in corporate training through video games.

We want to thank iiR Spain for giving us the opportunity to be part of the expert panel, along with big companies like Repsol, La Caixa, Mapfre, Asepeyo… and also thank our clients for showing the success of their training initiatives: Merchants, Triskelion and Pacific.

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