Gamelearn launches Pacific, the first leadership course online

Gamelearn launches the video game Pacific, the first Serious Game on Leadership and Team Management training, a historical demand from companies worldwide. This Thursday October 29, the anticipated release is taking place at a big event hosted by the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

You can follow the Pacific Premiére through the hashtag #Pacificpremier

Being a leader is not an exclusive feature of great characters, on the contrary: leadership is a personal skill that any professional can improve and develop in an effective and actual way.

Pacific is the third simulator by the company led by Ibrahim Jabary. After Merchants (Negotiation) and Triskelion (Time management), Gamelearn, the world leader in training through video games and a pioneer in the development of game-based learning products, has opted for one of the most demanded skills by companies around the world: leadership and team management.

The development of this Serious Game on Leadership has meant more than a year of work and the investment of two million euros to create high-quality content (including input from CEOs of large companies), gamification techniques and an advanced simulator.

The Best Technology: 3D and Html5

Pacific allows any user to implement the knowledge learned and receive feedback for improvement, thus achieving efficient learning. With a 3D modeling and developed in HTML5 language, the video game is also “playable” on any device, from computers and tablets to smartphones.

With Paficic, Gamelearn offers companies, institutions and professionals the opportunity to improve the quality of their leadership styles, a demanded and necessary competence in all areas of our society, whether in business, political or social fields. Starting this Thursday, Pacific is a reality.

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