Gamelearn launches new 'look'

At Gamelearn, we are launching a new website with an improved design. With this makeover, we intend to better explain the methodologies that put us at the forefront of training, so as to reach the thousands of users and professionals who believe in a new and fun way to learn.

Our Marketing team has opted for complete renovation, and not only for the website, but also for the blog and the press room. The new site features an updated, clear and simple design to ensure easy navigation through the different sections, some of which are brand new. Among these sections to be launched, we are incorporating the Dictionary, a tool to help users become familiar with the concepts that are on everyone’s lips: training, game-based learning, gamification and serious games.

Another change, besides the interface, has to do with a much easier and more intuitive navigation, both for those looking for information about the company, and for students of our course-videogames. The improvements we have incorporated also affect the presentation of our serious-games on Leadership, Negotiation and Time Management. All the technical and practical information about Pacific (just about to hit the market), Merchants and Triskelion is just one click away.

We have also redefined the messages, for you to better understand the enormous advantages of gamified training over a boring and ineffective e-learning. We want you to understand the importance of skills development in order to grow personally and professionally and help you become better. And we also want to tell you how easy it is to implement programs like ours, useful, applicable and profitable.

Social networks presence is also very important to us; that’s why we have integrated them as a fundamental part of our new website. On our Blog, you can keep up with all the news and trends, and subscribing to our newsletter to stay informed is very easy. Another must is our Press Room, where you can read the latest news about the world of gamification and game-based learning, as well as the international tours of our team.

Gamelearn wants to position itself on the net with a modern, innovative web, but maintaining the didactic and informative essence that has always been what characterizes us. We are world leaders in the development of serious games and our new website brings you all the information you need to join our community.

We want new followers, are you up for it?

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