Gamelearn launches Brilliant Meeting, a gamified app

The average employee wastes 31 hours monthly on ineffective meetings. According to the study Better Business Meetings of the University of Wharton, a medium sized company with 100 employees and an average gross salary of 30,000 per year, throws away 750,000 euros yearly.

In order to put an end to this problem, Gamelearn, a leading company in gamification, has created Brilliant Meeting, a gamified application that turns meetings into real decision-making, plans of action determining tools.

The launch of Brilliant Meeting, a combination of course and application, with its gamification techniques, enables organizations to break down productivity barriers. By means of its game mechanics, Brilliant Meeting is able to motivate and captivate users.

This way, the app gets to virally spread productivity in organizations, as it increases meetings efficiency and generates savings of hundreds of thousands of euros a year in any type of business.

How does Brilliant Meeting work?

The application is able to analyze meeting management and provide personalized feedback to users. Depending on the areas selected for improvement, the application will propose ideas, tips and tools to increase your skill and ability. Therefore, anyone can measure their own progress and get benefits like these:

  • Engaging participants: communicating objectives and topics to be prepared.
  • Focusing meetings: meeting topics and timings on your schedule.
  • Leading efficient meetings: making decisions and determining plans of action.
  • Improving as a manager: getting feedback from the app, the participants, and measuring meetings efficiency.
  • Having fun: winning medals and competing against other users.
  • Learning: having access to advice and tips from the Brilliant Meting community.

That’s right; this collaborative application also has a “social” background. On the one hand, meeting attendees help the meeting manager with advice and recommendations as to how to improve. On the other hand, generally speaking, the community has an active participation in the creation of new content, tips and ideas that are stored in the knowledgebase to which all users have access.

Focus meetings: schedule time and agenda topics with Brilliant Meeting

Focus meetings: schedule time and agenda topics with Brilliant Meeting

Brilliant Meeting incorporates the recreational component as a differentiator over other apps, making its use a fun and entertaining experience: users accumulate points with their good management, compete against other people, accumulate trophies and move up through different levels until they become a “guru” of meetings.

A combination of knowledge and tool

Brilliant Meeting also appears as a tool to the knowledge acquired in Triskelion serious game, that combines a complete theoretical course, a virtual simulator and an exciting adventure in videogame format that lets you see, practice and learn time management and personal productivity skills.

On the occasion of the launch of this app, Gamelearn allows the download of the one month demo for free. Click here to learn more.

link to Brilliant Meeting Website

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