Gamelearn lots 20 Courses - Videogame in Productivity and Negotiation to his followers in social networks

  • Do you like to negotiate?: Raffle on Twitter to win 1 of 10 Serious Games Merchants®

Are you one of those people who always get what they set their minds to? Do you like to negotiate? Then this will catch your attention. Follow us on our twitter profile (@gamelearn) and RT this tweet:

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More info about the contest here:

Directly enter the raffle of 10 free licenses for the first Serious Game on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Merchants®.

Learn new negotiation and conflict resolution skills in the 15th century. Become a young merchant of Venice and compete to take your company to success while learning to negotiate from the hand of Leonardo Da Vinci and Machiavelli.

You don’t need anything else! Improving your skills as a negotiator has never been easier and it is now within your reach. Just one retweet away 😉

  • Are you productive? Prove it! Raffle on Facebook to win 1 of 10 Serious Games Triskelion®

Do you know about productivity? Do you think you squeeze every minute of your life to the fullest? Do you consider yourself a productive person? Well, now is the time to prove it. From Gamelearn, we put you to the test so you can show us you know what managing time is about.

Through our Fan Page on Facebook we have created the first “Productivity Trivial” (only in Spanish) in which you can participate by clicking on the following link: (Only in Spanish)

Guess 5 questions we ask you right and you will be part of a raffle of 10 free licenses for the first Course-Videogame on Time Management and Personal Productivity: Triskelion®.

Of course, as a good time manager, you must decide well and quickly, because you only have 40 seconds to answer each of the questions. It is time to accept the challenge and have fun while you show us all your skills.

And feel free to share your results, because if you get your friends or followers to participate in the “Productivity Trivial” of Gamelearn, you will have more chances to win one of 10 free licenses for Triskelion®, the first Serious Game that teaches you how to improve your personal productivity while having fun and playing.

In it, you will become a history teacher and follow the tracks left by the philosopher Seneca to discover the secrets of the Order of Wisdom as you learn to manage your time.

image of "Productivity Trivial" of Gamelearn

*Remember, only in Spanish

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