Gamelearn goes to Zürich and Miami in April

Gamelearn goes on with its international tour during the month of April and will visit the cities of Zürich and Miami almost simultaneously. From April 13 to 15, our KAM will go to the Spring CLO Symposium 2015, an exclusive event held in Florida under the motto ‘Learning Intensity: Enterprise Education that lasts‘. From April 14 to 15 we will be in the “Old World”, in the Swiss Professional Learning in Zürich, to take a peek at the vanguard of corporate training in the company of important professionals of the sector.

MIAMI: Spring CLO Symposium 2015

In the Spring CLO Symposium in Miami, Gamelearn will be the only game-based learning sponsor present as a lecturer, among renowned leaders and CLO (Chief Learning Officers) of some of the most important companies in the world.

The spotlight will be placed on the most inspiring trends, such as serious games, tools which will be discussed by Ibrahim Jabary, CEO of Gamelearn, to highlight the impact of digital and interactive content in learning.

The participation of Gamelearn, ‘How to Achieve a 90% completion rate in e-learning programs‘, will take place on Tuesday, April 14 at 14.30 (local time) and will illustrate how those “future trends” are easily applicable to the daily practice of many companies that have already implemented their products as the core of its training programs with great results.

ZÜRICH: Swiss Professional Learning

The Gamelearn team will travel to Zürich certain of the importance of innovative and effective programs to grow personally and professionally. The creators of Merchants and Triskelion are aware of the importance knowledge has on today’s society. Knowing, learning, developing skills and competences, are increasingly important resources in order to determine whether a company is walking towards success or not. Training is constantly evolving and adapting to that new way of learning, which is vital to further face challenges in the world of business.

Swiss Professional Learning is the right place to share these challenges. Gamelearn will explain in their talk ‘Game-based learning: how corporate training is being reinvented‘, on April 14 at 10:00 am, how corporate training is reinventing itself and will also talk about the leadership of Millennials, who undoubtedly hold in their hands the present and future of e-learning.

Follow the interactive participation of Gamelearn on our social networks and hashtag: #GLCLOSymMiami

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