Gamelearn features game-based learning platform in interactive online webinars

With thousands of companies currently navigating the challenges of telecommuting, Gamelearn has organized a series of interactive webinars for all training and HR professionals looking to rethink the corporate training experience they provide. Gamifying and automating the whole process is not as daunting as it may seem.

Gamelearn has more than 12 years of experience in the field of corporate e-training, with our specialty being in producing videogames to increase employee engagement and information retention. Our serious games focus on essential soft skills that help employees carry out their job tasks more efficiently and with better results.

Gamelearn Online Experience: breaking out of boring

Hundreds of professionals currently facing the challenges of teleworking have attended the first three Gamelearn Online Experiences– in Spanish, English, and French– to learn about the best ways to revamp training processes and manage the transition.

In the sessions, the Gamelearn team shares the keys to understanding and fully embracing effective online training. Attendees enjoy a fully interactive demo that conveys information by placing them in the very games Gamelearn offers. 

On the docket is:

  • A quick presentation: what is game-based learning?
  • A demo: how to get the most out of Gamelearn’s corporate training platform.
  • A look at our catalog of serious games available to Gamelearn subscribers.
  • A look at how Gamelearn’s LMS helps admins manage courses online.
  • Q&A.

Audiences actively participate to learn the best ways to boost their training and get results. Participants expressed their surprise and delight during the demo upon learning that the solution to their training problems is easier and more intuitive to implement than they previously thought.

The solution: A seamless transition into game-based learning

Challenged with rethinking traditional training methodologies, often defined by blocks of text and general boredom, Gamelearn continues to shake up the market with its dynamic, gamified solution.

The platform combines gamification, quality content, and simulators that provide practice in “real-life” situations– all on an intuitive, cloud-based platform. Clients have access to a student portal for their employees and a comprehensive LMS tool for admins.

By subscribing to the Gamelearn platform, companies can:

  • Bolster their internal communication methods.
  • Keep up or increase the productivity of teams working remotely
  • Qualitatively measure and show the impact the training has had.
  • Motivate employees with an applicable, dynamic, and engaging training experience.

The result: sky-high training indicators

Companies all around the world, regardless of their sector, trust Gamelearn to deliver a training platform capable of maximizing their training results. 

The limitations of traditional training become more apparent while telecommuting, while game-based learning methodologies continue to deliver proven results.

Among our many client success stories, a few jump out:


The wind energy company was able to rethink its negotiation techniques and see a 21.6% increase in sales, alongside a 100% training applicability rate.

“I’m now a better negotiator [thanks to Merchants]. Video games help you learn quicker and easier. If you’re having fun doing it, you’ll learn better.”
Mario Pérez Collado, Production Specialist Engineer at Vestas.


The healthcare multinational saw an 8% improvement in staff productivity and a 58% reduction in training costs. 

“Today, there are no other solutions on the market that offer the same value in content, format, innovation, or accessibility.
Tanit Ruiz, Associate Director of Learning & Development at MSD.

In short, Gamelearn shows that training teams remotely doesn’t need to be a headache. On the contrary, the current situation brought about by the Coronavirus can be seen as an opportunity to transform training processes and maximize results, given the right tools.

Are you a corporate training or HR professional?  Check out our upcoming Gamelearn webinars to learn an easy and intuitive way to train your teams teleworking. Check out our events calendar and sign up now. See you there!

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