Gamelearn Experience 2021: a virtual trip around the latest features of the most awarded game-based learning platform

In June, Gamelearn invited its clients to discover all the latest news and new features of its game-based learning platform. The online session was in the form of a video game, guided by Gamelearn’s Customer Success team.

Four sessions took place to cover the different regions where Gamelearn’s clients are located, in three different languages: English, Spanish, and French. In all of them, two Customer Success Managers became the characters of a video game and guided the participants through various scenarios. They revealed the new courses recently added to the platform’s catalog, new features, and basic steps to start using the Editor, the e-learning authoring tool that Gamelearn launched in 2020.

Gamelearn Experience 2021 Serious Game

Some screenshots of the video game through which the Gamelearn Experience was presented.

All corporate clients who offer their employees training on this platform have access to the Editor and all its potential for creating video games easily, with no need for programming or any specific knowledge. This is why it was one of the most relevant parts of this series of webinars.

Teaching through video games? With Gamelearn it’s already possible!

When talking about the Editor in more depth, attendees discovered that the game through which they were experiencing the event was created easily with this authoring tool. This option is within their reach, included in their subscription with unlimited users. And the Customer Success team encouraged them to take advantage of it if they hadn’t already.

With the Editor, you can create video games from scratch, building different scenes, minigames, and levels with the characters and settings available in the resource gallery. You can also create them using templates, which simplify the creation process and increase production speed.

A growing selection of themes available on the Campus

Another important subject broached at this online event was the addition of new games to Gamelearn’s catalog. The platform’s Campus is now full of courses with varied educational objectives. The following serious games are the additions planned until the end of 2021:

  • Zulú, about non-verbal communication.
  • Stellar, about leadership for remote working teams.
  • Babel, about interpersonal communication.
  • Route-321, about change management.
  • Ariana, about decision-making.
  • Elections 1 and Elections 2, for creating high-impact presentations.
  • Lotus, about resilience.
  • Tiki, for effective meetings.
  • Shaka, about active listening.
  • Silver, about working with objectives.

More efficient course management 

As well as ensuring the quality of the training video games with which employees acquire new skills, Gamelearn also guarantees that HR professionals have the necessary tools for managing the training.

Features are progressively perfected in order to offer improvements in different areas. For example, you can now generate reports faster and more precisely, and students can auto-register for courses, simplifying the process.

Additionally, the platform’s administration panel allows for filtering students based on interests or other attributes using tags, which permits finetuning the learning pathways to increase students’ satisfaction with their training.

Screenshot of a moment during the presentation of the platform’s new features.

Finally, the Customer Success team pointed out the benefits of opening the entire platform’s catalog to employees. On the one hand, this saves time for the professionals in charge of the training, as they don’t need to keep creating virtual classes, and on the other, it promotes continuous learning and self-development for all staff, favoring talent retention. In other words, training managers will be able to focus more on recommending learning pathways, motivating employees to complete them, and evaluating their results, and less on the administrative aspect related to managing registrations and groups.

Gamelearn is growing and improving so we can offer the best serious games to our clients, both HR professionals and the platform’s end users. This latest Gamelearn Experience is just one more step to continue consolidating the company’s relationship with its clients, who are more numerous and demanding each day. 

If you’d like to be a part of this community and try out the Gamelearn experience at your company, contact us and we’ll help you get your staff to reach their maximum potential.

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