Gamelearn recognized as a leader in game-based learning

Since its founding in 2007, Gamelearn has been committed to innovation in corporate training. It currently has more than 3,000 clients worldwide, and, due to the quality of its courses and the excellent results they obtain, it has become the most decorated game-based learning company in the world

Due to their commitment to e-learning, and bringing innovative corporate training into the mainstream, many industry websites and magazines have been taking notice.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Gamelearn blog featured in Feedspot top 100

Feedspot has included Gamelearn’s blog in their Top 100 E-Learning Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020. From its beginning, the blog has sought to be a trusted source of information for HR professionals. It has focused on collecting and presenting easily digestible content on topics such as e-learning, leadership, corporate gamification, and much more.

Alongside Gamelearn, the Feedspot list includes other digital leaders such as EdX Blog, OpenName, and eLearn Hub.

2. Factor Humano magazine recognizes Gamelearn as a leader in e-learning through gamification

The report “Gamification in e-learning and how to achieve 90% completion” from the magazine Factor Humano, highlights the importance of game-based learning within online methods and cites Gamelearn as an authority.

Client success stories are a testament to the value that video game training can provide companies. In the words of Elvira Arango, the Corporate Director of Learning and Culture at MAPFRE, “Gamification techniques make content more engaging and up-to-date, adapting to the changing demands of new generations.”

3. Gamelearn featured in the Wayra Hall of Fame

Wayra is an initiative of Telefónica Spain that sheds light on the best startups and upcoming technology in the current market

In their most recent Hall of Fame, they included Gamelearn as one of the global Ed Tech companies best known for innovation, training simulations, and other useful content that has a direct impact on users.

4. The Gamelearn HR department also inspires ideas

Beatriz López Arredondo, the company’s HR manager, had the opportunity to share the radio waves with María Gutiérrez on her show Talent to Innovate, where Beatriz shared her experience in effective talent management.

Beatriz’s words embody the spirit of Gamelearn’s corporate culture and how Gamlearn’s HR Department encourages the transformation, expansion, and multiculturalism that is characteristic of the company.

5. Ibrahim Jabary, Gamelearn’s CEO, selected as a profile of interest

Ibrahim Jabary, the company’s founder, who was also selected eLearning! Champion by eLearning! Magazine, shared his secrets for creating a successful startup in a profile piece in El Plural magazine.

The tips provided by Ibrahim highlight not only the characteristics of the e-learning market, but also the importance of human development in professional teams:

“I always have my team’s interests in mind and, to the best of my abilities, I try to ensure that everyone is set up for success– that they feel heard, that they receive feedback, that they develop, and that they see a path to growth.”

6. Gamelearn is now on the Technology Advice webpage

Another website that has placed Gamelearn among the leading companies in the gamification sector is Technology Advice, which offers a complex search tool to filter and find the best products and software based on its category, industry, and features.  This website specializes in technology reviews and goes into detail on over 5,000 products.

On the Gamelearn profile on this page, users are able to leave reviews and see a detailed break down of the core features of our serious games. 

If you are a Gamelearn client, don’t hesitate to leave us a review!

At Gamelearn, every detail matters. It’s because of the intangibles (the trust of our clients, the attention of the media, and the results reflected in our success stories) that learning through video games is proving more effective and fun than traditional methods.

Don’t wait any longer; join the learning revolution with Gamelearn!

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