Gamelearn at the Spain & Startup Investor Summit

As our intention is to explain to the world what we do, how we do it and why we believe in the power of serious games for corporate training, last week we took part in the Spain & Startup Investor Summit, a major meeting point for entrepreneurs and investors held in Madrid, providing us with the opportunity to explain what we do and how we do it.

Our project was included among the 5 finalists in its category from among more than 2,000 candidates in the Startup Competition, and the Madrid Regional Government specifically announced that it will be supporting the company in continuing its work on new videogames and simulators. Our aim in this post is to set out some of the audiovisual materials we assembled at the event, to give you an idea of the story we told and our experiences there.

Our presentation was delivered by Ibrahim Jabary, the CEO of the company and an expert in game-based learning. During his pitch Ibrahim presented the two products which Gamelearn has in the marketplace: “Merchants” and “Triskelion”, two revolutionary negotiation and time management simulators, respectively, which are already being brought on-stream at more than 200 companies, and have been translated into a range of languages to allow for international expansion.

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