Game-Based Learning Vendors: The Promoters of the New Change in Corporate Training

Nobody doubts that training changes with the advance of technology. Game-based learning vendors play a key role in one of the environments undergoing changes faster: the field of corporate training.

Training to improve performance and satisfaction

In this environment, which changes at such a frantic pace, companies need to continue caring about the training of their employees, as they have been doing so far. Implementing training actions is vital for improving the performance and satisfaction of employees as members of a team.

The companies that commercialize game-based learning have in their hands the great challenge of convincing consumers of the countless benefits new methodologies can provide.

The way in which we learn is changing, as well as those training providers who do not get stuck on the tools from the past. There are more and more employees, companies, managers, and people in general, who are demanding an interactive and on-line training that will increase their knowledge and develop their skills, beyond tedious virtual courses and expensive classroom training.

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Game-based learning tools and platforms

HR departments are not alone in facing this challenge: game-based learning vendors make available to them a great range of platforms and tools which are useful for the implementation of training projects with a great end results.

Professionals specialized in distributing gamified products and opening virtual platforms for launching Game-based learning programs first try to create a different learning environment: a virtual environment appropriate for the practice and actual implementation of knowledge.

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Interactivity, simulation, competition

In these new virtual environments, a significant breakthrough takes place: first, user interactivity is much higher. Students actively participate in training because, in most of these courses, they use a simulator to reproduce a real situation.

The increase of game-based learning vendors is due, most of the time, to the commercialization of simulators. In the case of soft skills and management skills development, the simulator is also the only effective tool to practice, risk-free, techniques to help improve time management skills, communication, negotiation, leadership…

Second, the virtual context in which game-based learning takes place allows for personalized and immediate feedback like no other methodology does. This is one aspect greatly appreciated by training departments, so eager to have assessment tools that will guarantee the achievement of positive results.

Game-based learning for the assessment of results

HR departments greatly value the competitive aspect involved in starting game-based learning trainings. The virtual environments offer students gamification techniques, incorporating elements such as score systems, rankings or levels that promote participation and encourage the full engagement of all students.

Thus, completion and satisfaction ratios skyrocket, leaving traditional methodologies and e-learning courses in a tight spot, trainings which often consist of just reading text on the screen of a computer.

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Therefore, game-based learning vendors rely on a sensible combination of the most traditional and the most innovative training. The latter, much easier to implement and much cheaper for organizations, is the new trend that companies worldwide are joining, many of which have already opted for this change with great results, such as those obtained by Gamelearn with their video games on Negotiation and Time Management, market leaders in serious games.

Does your company bet on game-based learning?

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