Game-based learning is nothing new

GBL or Game-based learning is the learning methodology in which the contents are exposed through a game. GBL has being used in teaching for several decades. Games improve attention, contents memorization, commitment and therefore motivation. Learning with games is also beneficial in corporate training. Role plays and group dynamics are examples of the use of GBL in classroom-based training.

The technological evolution and advancement of communications, have made possible the appearance of new formats for GBL methodology. For example the video games.Video games, in the same way as in classroom-based courses, enable students to train their soft skills and therefore develop them. If the videogame also includes a simulator that generates feedback to the player, then the learning process is happening. Traditional e-learning products have been failed to engage and deliver the educational results they promise . New GBL online formats, however are effective,dynamic and easy to implement.

Game-based learning courses combine the benefits of classroom-based and online training. They are educational through their learning by doing approach and effective thanks to the continuous feedback provided to the individual. Their online format makes them easy to implement as well as flexible. Due to it’s multiple advantages, game-based learning has become a frequent term in training departments.

The difficulties of implementing classroom-based training formats and the limitations of traditional e-learning products, have turned game-based learning courses into the perfect combination of quality, educational and easy to implement training. GBL is frequently confused with gamification and it’s important to be aware of the differences. GBL refers to the methodology and gamification refers to the enhancing motivator elements included in the courses. Gamification is the use of game principles, but not to the game itself. Setting goals, scores and rankings are not new features in training. To summarise, GBL methodology has been used in teaching and training for many years, however new formats are now appearing to multiply its benefits.

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