Game-based learning and gamification

Game-based learning is becoming a growing topic among HR and L&D professionals worldwide. It has been used for developing technical skills for a long time now but with the appearance of game-based solutions for soft skills development while game-based learning has called the attention throughout the market. In the rush, some concepts like “gamification” and “game-based learning” are still getting confused.


We can use gamification to help our training purposes but gamification is not a training tool itself. Gamification uses game mechanics to engage students in our training efforts. Some of the gamification techniques used are: competition, stories, achievement, levels, status and rewards. We can certainly use these techniques to increase motivation, make our training fun, engage students and improve completion rates but they will not help to make students learn. The learning process requires a concept to be learnt, the ability to put this concept into practice and the possibility of receiving personalized feedback as to visualize the results of our performance.


That is where game-based learning comes into the scene. Game-based learning happens when the game itself is teaching the student. Imagine the story of a game or its characters are teaching you concepts. Suppose the game integrates a simulation that allows students to practice those concepts and receive personalized feedback. Then the learning is happening through the game. The game is ensuring experiential learning is taking place. Some role-plays, simulations or group dynamics are examples of game-based learning used in the past. Video game technology has boosted the possibilities of these tools. Gamelearn combines both elements on its training courses Triskelion and Merchants

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