Game authoring tools and how they can help your company deliver high-quality training 

If you’re involved in the world of online learning in any capacity, you may have heard about authoring tools. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

An authoring tool is a program that lets users create their own digital content — simple documents, full courses, or anywhere in between — through a combination of text, video, images, and more. 

In the corporate training sector, these authoring tools help administrators create their content and also smooth over the entire learning process from start to finish. Additionally (and luckily for many people), most of them are designed to be used as part of an LMS (Learning Management System) and don’t require any know-how with a computer.

Main features

Authoring tools used for e-learning can use a variety of different tools, but the most common ones are:

  • Multimedia processors: to add and differentiate different elements.
  • Content editing tools: some tools only allow basic text and image editing, for example, while others may offer audio and video editing as well.
  • Animation and programming tools: to provide actions and operating instructions for the courses that are being developed. Some tools utilize a specific programming language, which means any admin would need to be familiar with it in order to use the tool. However, many tools use web interfaces that are designed to be intuitive for a layman. These tools usually just require an internet connection.
  • Options for importing and exporting content: one of the most useful resources as it allows you to reuse or repackage your current content.
  • LMS integration: some platforms come with their own LMS, while others can be integrated with a pre-existing one.

As of now, there are several authoring tools for e-learning that work using a variety of systems. As such, it’s important for instructional designers to correctly diagnose their needs so they can pick the best tool and deliver the highest quality content possible. 

A perfect example of a high-quality authoring tool: the Editor

In the workforce training industry, being able to quickly and easily create your own online training content is huge. It allows you to get more out of your training programs than you ever could with traditional, in-class sessions; and for this reason, authoring tools have been some of the most sought after tools by instructional designers. 

Creating a video game, which is normally a very complicated and expensive process, is now much easier with authoring tools such as Gamelearn’s Editor. This particular tool moves the process 100% online and gives users the ability to tap into their own creativity to make their training materials come to life. 

Before, it took endless planning and even more man-hours to create a video game of similar quality, and most companies simply didn’t have the resources to get it done. But with Editor, it’s as easy as putting together a Lego set — you don’t need any programming or technical know-how at all. 

You can create a game in four simple, straightforward steps:

  1. Choose what game elements you want to use from the resource library. 
  2. Specify what you want to happen when the player interacts with the characters and objects chosen.
  3. Easily link together in-game actions.
  4. Publish it on your customized client portal with just one click.

The Editor has dozens of characters, scenes, and objects available in the resource library, which has new elements constantly being added to it.

The advantages of an authoring tool like the Editor

Of the many benefits of using the Editor, a few stand out. For example, you can:

  • Save man-hours.
  • Unleash your instructional designers’ productivity and creativity.
  • Breathe new life into your training content by turning it into an innovative, exciting, and addictive video game.
  • Design your training course using one of the many templates, or completely from scratch.
  • Go back and edit past courses at any time.
  • Manage all the training needs of all your company’s different employees from the online platform Campus.
  • Access reports, KPIs, and analytics to accurately measure the impact of your training.

Want to see how using the Editor would impact your company’s training plan? Let us know. That’s why we’re here: to help you see results.

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