Effective Corporate Training: The Positive Effects of Video Games (Infographic)

the effective of video games in corporate training


As ASTD explains in Playing to Win: Gamification and Serious Games in Organizational Learning, 25% of organizations currently use gamification in learning, and 20% of them use serious games. This study looks at 551 business and learning professionals representing organizations of varying sizes and geographic locations.

Training through video games can overcome some of the big problems of e-learning, such as improving employee engagement. 99% of our students recommend the game-based learning methodology and 99% of them consider it applicable in the workplace.

Learning while having fun playing a video game is possible, it’s real and it works. This is supported by the findings of a scientific report carried out by the Federation of American Scientists. As this report explains, game-based learning:

  • Increases task completion by 300%,
  • Improves knowledge retention by 90%,
  • Increases students’ confidence by 20%
  • Increases students’ conceptual knowledge by 20%.

The future of training

The Global Game-based Learning Market report published by Ambient Insight says that game-based learning has the highest growth rate out of the seven tracked learning technologies (e-learning, reference-ware, collaboration, simulation-based, cognitive, and mobile learning).

Many models and methodologies have proven effectiveness in corporate training: e-learning, blended learning, rapid-learning, simulators… But none of them achieve the results that video games do when it comes to employee training.

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