Effective Communication: Why The Phone Is Not A Proper Means Of Negotiating

Effective communication is key to any successful negotiation. For your messages to be understood and, in turn, for you to be able to correctly understand your interlocutor, it is essential that the interaction be as transparent and direct as possible. That is why the phone is not the best choice for your negotiations. Find out why:

Face to face is an advantage

To achieve effective communication that will lead to a beneficial agreement for both sides, face to face is a big advantage. Being physically in the same place lets you examine the reactions, gestures and body language, aspects that are not easy to perceive just by hearing a voice. Discover these 5 body language tips to improve the success of your negotiations.

Information is power

During the negotiation process, the more information you get from the other side, the better you will be able to articulate a proposal with guarantees of being accepted by your interlocutor. A lot of this information is obtained visually, and so negotiating on the phone significantly reduces the opportunity to obtain valuable data when reaching an agreement.

Eliminate the “noise”

If you want to close a successful deal, it is important to eliminate barriers and obstacles when communicating. For your messages and your interlocutor’s to be conveyed as clearly as possible, it is important to eliminate “noise” between sender and receiver, something a lot easier to do if you negotiate face to face.

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Reduce misunderstandings

In a negotiation, many factors come into play beyond arguments. Effective communication is a basic component for negotiators. If you cannot see the other side of the table, you can overlook gestures, shades of meaning and emotions that may lead to misunderstandings, if we are unable to determine what the other party wants.

Eliminate potential distractions

Conducting a negotiation on the phone not only is more complicated, but it favors distractions (how many times have you checked your computer while you were on the phone?). Physically meeting the other party will help you focus better on your goal and you will make a faster progress towards the agreement. It is advisable to book in advance a suitable place for the negotiation. Close the door to avoid interruptions and be able to maintain efficient communication.

Break down barriers

Physical and visual contact has the ability to break down the barriers between the two sides when negotiating. Therefore, it is very important to maintain eye contact and take care of body language, so we can lower potential tensions and clear ways that will lead us to the best deals. Even though our voice may “say a lot”, we can never play with the power of a smile.

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