DKV Seguros spices up compliance training with a serious game

DKV Seguros is part of the international group Munich Re, one of the world’s first reinsurers. As such, it has to respond to the group’s high expectations while carrying out its business strategy, which combines international expertise, digital transformation, agile methodologies, and innovation to improve the overall experience and ensure the well-being of its customers.

With this in mind, DKV has opted for fresh, innovative in-house workforce training, which now also includes compliance training content relevant to the large reinsurer group it belongs to.

The challenge: provide compliance training without sacrificing team motivation

DKV knew that traditional training, often text-heavy, wasn’t going to work for them. For this reason, the company set its sights on game-based learning to train its employees in the skills they need to do their jobs at a high level.

One of the company’s most successful ventures was the combination of their internal HR management strategy with the Manager’s Learning Pathway, made up of three online courses: Pacific, Triskelion, and Merchants. These games focus on developing knowledge and skills in team management, time management, and conflict resolution and negotiation, respectively.

However, DKV has recently faced a new challenge: turning compliance training into an effective and engaging learning process.

Their training plan:

  • Is mandatory, not voluntary as your previous experiences with game-based learning may have been.
  • Is geared towards all employees.
  • Takes place in a single training window, with no extensions.
  • Is suitable for all professional profiles, regardless of their level of technological knowledge.

The solution: ADA, the customizable video game

With access to all the educational video games Gamelearn offers on its platform, DKV opted for the game ADA to implement compliance training capable of improving results and increasing engagement.

ADA is a customizable serious game catered to training, onboarding, and internal communication. It’s interactive, adaptable, and 100% online. Employees can train when and wherever they want, as long as they have internet access.

ADA’s format provided DKV with the perfect amount of storytelling and gamification to convey important, yet sometimes dry and technical, information such as that related to Munich Re Group’s code of conduct.

The results: compliance can be fun

Thanks to the advantages of the serious game ADA, DKV transformed compliance training, often associated with boring texts, into an engaging and beneficial experience for its 900 employees.

The training took place in the summer and created excitement around the company before it even started. By the end of the process, ADA was all everyone wanted to talk about.

 DKV’s results far exceeded previous training endeavors based on face-to-face training:

  • 90% completion rate.
  • 98.6% recommendation rate.
  • Increased employee engagement.
  • A shift in the way the company thinks about compliance training.

Julián Nuño, Digital Transformation Manager at DKV, tells us that:

“The subject of compliance is something we see a lot in our day-to-day. There’s a difference between learning something and internalizing it, and participating in an initiative such as this focuses on the latter.” 

Regardless of the subject matter, DKV continues to focus on promoting learning, teamwork, digital transformation, and change management through innovative corporate training approaches. How do you think your company would respond to a change like this?

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