Corporate training pricing vs traditional and e-learning training

The reasonable game-based training pricing, together with its efficacy and surprising value to improve course finalization ratios, make of this methodology a real solution on the corporate training market. But… can it actually be more economical compared to the rest of classical formats?

The real costs of corporate training

When faced with classroom-based training, many people tend to calculate only the price of the course per student, while they forget other costs which must also be taken into account, for instance, those derived from the physical attendance of students: facilities, trips, expenses…

In other words, the real cost of the course is not the price that the trainer charges to teach it. All these factors turn traditional training into a startlingly expensive product, leading to its ongoing fall into disuse.

Better prices, better results?

Unlike classroom-based training, it’s well known that online training courses are far cheaper than traditional ones. The barrier which kept companies from betting on online training methodologies was torn down years ago.

The questionable issue about e-learning training nowadays is not so much its price, quite competitive when compared to earlier options, as it is its efficacy. Data on online courses finalization and usefulness offered by most companies to their employees show that those are usually alarmingly low. E-learning is cheaper, that’s for sure, but it’s also quite ineffective.

Game-based training: price-quality ratio

The game-based online training model, based on simulators for the improvement of skills, provides a methodology that’s different from the worn-out concept of the online course and turns it into a truly efficient tool for training without increasing the cost per student of the service.

Statistics show that students make the most of the course, in a greater way than with classroom-based learning or most of e-learning courses, mainly because of its fundamentally practical nature, personalized feedback and gamification techniques which encourage students’ motivation.

Combining the best of traditional training with the competitive prices of its online alternative and the best gamification techniques through game-based training, we get an efficient training product which is also economic, easy to implement and lives up to the expectations of both students and the companies they belong to.

This is not an easy goal to achieve and that’s one of the reasons why we, at Gamelearn, keep a select catalog of serious games for corporate training. Each and every one of our courses is carefully developed to maximize the efficiency of its contents without increasing their cost.

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