Business Coaching: Know the Benefits 'Lean Startup' Can Offer your Business

What rules does a ‘CEO Lean’ follow? The ‘lean startup’ is a business venture method made popular less than a decade ago by the author Eric Ries. It consists on significantly reducing the time and cost of implementing a ‘startup’ project or launching a product on the market. Discover 6 benefits of business coaching from ‘Learn Startup’.

What is the Lean StartUp?

The ‘lean’ philosophy, which is already enjoying success in Silicon Valley, intends for the process not to get stuck at the creation stage (development of the idea, business plan elaboration, product launch, etc.). This cycle can be shortened and that is something that not only the most innovative businesses agree on, but also their leaders.

How do ‘lean’ leaders think? What can we learn from a ‘lean’ CEO? Jacob Stoller reflects on these issues in his book ‘The lean CEO‘, which deals with the successful management of ‘lean’ companies. From him we can draw these benefits of the ‘lean startup’ for your business:

Benefit 1: getting the best value for your resources

Stoller explains that the ‘lean’ philosophy is a good way to approach team management and leadership within a company. It is, in his opinion, the best way to get the best value for the resources at our disposal, not just people, but also time and economic resources.

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Benefit 2: favoring teamwork

‘Lean leadership’ seeks to encourage the employee to work in a team, to give the best of oneself, it tries to find the best skills in people in order to put them together. It creates an environment focused on continuous improvement, in which everyone takes part in the decision-making process: the ‘lean’ CEO becomes a proactive mentor and a strategist; a true team leader.

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Benefit 3: creating a motivating environment

Stoller’s work begins by making reference to the many resources we waste. We waste people’s time, energy and talent. That is why ‘lean’ CEOs aim at building an atmosphere of motivation, with autonomous workers who are constantly learning, so that productivity will not be harmed.

Benefit 4: promoting a spirit of cooperation

As Jacob Stoller explains in ‘The lean CEO’, one of the keys to the success of this philosophy is to let the whole team know, clearly and simply, the objectives to be achieved in order to be successful. The main goal is to have a spirit of cooperation that will contribute to general success. It is not only about working in a team, but doing it with a common goal aimed at achieving the objectives of the entire organization.

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Benefit 5: encouraging an open culture

Adopting the ‘lean startup’ method is also a question of respect for others. A selfish leader would not survive in a ‘lean’ culture, as it is a philosophy that advocates for being open and humble, able to recognize different points of view and admit that good ideas can come from anywhere.

What other benefits do you think you could obtain with business coaching?

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