8 leadership strategies to be success in your business

Adopting a suitable strategy is essential for leading your projects to success. We’ve already defined the qualities a good leader should have but, in addition to these, your leadership should be backed up by actions like these:

  • Count on your team

Take a step forward and delegate to your team. Let others demonstrate their value and take advantage of their abilities to help the entire group. You’ll have more time for your important tasks and you’ll be able to manage your time better.

  • Train people, improve the work environment

Offer your team possibilities for training and professional growth. Give them the opportunity to take courses to develop abilities that will also make your business grow. Organizing group activities to reinforce team spirit and improve the work environment is something that can make a difference.

  • Be accessible

To the extent that you can, opt for an open-plan office layout that lets everyone communicate and see when their co-workers are busy. Don’t isolate yourself in your office; spend time in common areas so that your team can see and talk to you when they need to. If you find noise distracting, you can wear headphones while you work.

  • Learn to manage your e-mail

Set aside a time during the day to review your e-mails, don’t do it constantly. You’ll just overwhelm yourself and make your contacts come to expect immediate replies from you. Avoid long or complicated replies and don’t forget that e-mail is at your service, not the other way around. Whenever you can, take advantage of face-to-face encounters to deliver the message and let yourself be seen around the office. You can follow up with an e-mail to clarify or confirm what you said in person.

  • Look for hidden leaders

Listen to employees at all levels. You’ll discover that there are hidden leaders you hadn’t noticed before, and they’ll help you implement strategies that will move your business forward. Identifying new leaders on your team (and developing them) will help you create a culture of leadership that can only work to the benefit of your projects.

  • Cultivate strategic leadership

The challenge of many companies is to think in the long term. Leaders should focus more on strategic leadership, on thinking about the future. It’s essential that you use a long-term vision to guide your immediate decisions and address problems flexibly.

  • Anticipate and learn

A good strategic leader should always be alert and try to anticipate circumstances by analyzing the environment and new needs that appear along the way. How fast do you detect the threats and opportunities that crop up in your business? Take advantage of signs of change and prepare yourself to change course.

  • Explore your options

Strategic leaders seek and explore a series of alternatives before making a decision. Be flexible when trying to resolve issues and avoid limiting yourself to simplistic yes-no options. Inform yourself thoroughly first to get an adequate perspective and, when you make your decision, take a forceful position. If you make a mistake, be critical and reconsider your choice.

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