7 Customer Service Skills That Your Employees Must Know

Customer service skills are essential to the success of your business. Make your team aware of these key tips to take good care of your customers:

1. Availability

The willingness to help is rule number 1 in an efficient customer service. A good way to show your availability is to offer the customer the opportunity to contact you again if they do not get the desired help at first.

It often happens that a department passes on a request to another department, and the customer ends up getting no help at all. If they feel they can contact the support team again, they will feel satisfied and will highly appreciate the attention. Making the customer feel good is the leitmotiv in developing customer service skills.

2. Vocation

Part of the success in customer satisfaction is derived from the employee’s own satisfaction in belonging to this department. Almost every company has a support or customer service, and many companies are valued positively thanks to the work of these departments. Find ways to get your team to value ​​their own work and learn how to prevent your employees from getting frustrated.

3. Responsiveness

Sometimes we cannot give the customer what they ask for, even though the customer is always right. In such cases, it is best for our employee to disguise the “no”, so that the customer will not feel attacked or belittled.

For example, a user detects an error while using a program: instead of a “we cannot help you” kind of answer, the customer will value much more a response like “that is a great idea, we will bear that in mind in the future” or “we will keep you updated should anything change.”

4. Predisposition

Customer service professionals are used to dealing with very diverse people. Sometimes customers come to “Customer Service” very upset or angry, and it is the person assisting them who takes all the blame.

When this happens, it is best to make your team see that customers are just venting and it is nothing personal. In fact, your employees have it in their hand to help these people and change their perception of the service for the better.

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5. Resolve

The Customer Service department’s goal is mainly to help users who ask for or demand a solution. Instead of offering long explanations, it is always best to summarize, step by step, so that the information is as clear as possible.

If, in addition, we can add a video tutorial or explanatory image, the better our service will be. It is preferable to offer brief and concise information than long expositions full of content. Your customers will thank you for it.

6. Naturalness

Customer service departments do not know everything. It may happen that customers bring forth a new point of view or an aspect that the business has never taken into account. In those situations, the right thing to do is to assume that we do not have the answer and promise to offer it as soon as possible. In this way, we generate empathy with the customer and it will also help us improve our future management. Do you know what is assertiveness and why it is important to be assertive?

7. Empathy

Sometimes the customer reports an error that is actually not one, but it is seen that way by the consumer because they expected something different. The job of the customer service department on this occasion will be to explain to the customer, in clear and simple terms, the nature of the product or service.

Thanks to customer service skills, we can avoid becoming defensive and focus instead on offering customers a clear and efficient explanation to meet the goal of providing good service.

What other skills do you think customer service should have?

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