5 specialized Learning Pathways for developing soft skills

Training has been a key part of professional development for quite some time. It allows us to hone the skills we need to grow both as workers and as people. 

However, these days, we’re seeing greater importance being placed on soft skills in the workplace. Due to the ethereal nature of these skills, it can be difficult to get a good handle on what it takes to actually improve them.

To do so often requires multiple different courses working in tandem to reach that final goal of improvement. Learning Pathways are very helpful in this sense; they set up a roadmap of closely related courses that work with different aspects of one overarching skill. 

This allows students to spend time with all the different elements of a complicated skill to get a more comprehensive understanding of it. 

Let’s take a look at five examples of successful Learning Pathways designed using Gamelearn courses:

1. The Leader’s Learning Pathway

This is one of the most in-demand pathways we offer. It focuses on developing three essential attributes good leaders have, with the final two skills to round it out.

It’s made up of the following serious games designed to develop leadership skills:

  • Pacific: Team management and leadership
  • Echo: Coaching
  • Merchants: Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Idea: Creativity
  • Mars: to evaluate and reinforce what the player learned. Mars reiterates the concepts and skills learned through questions generated by moderators and other students.


2. The Manager’s Learning Pathway

It’s based on Gamelearn’s popular trilogy consisting of three courses with related and complementary topics that help managers develop effective managerial strategies.

  • Merchants: The course consists of a simulator with 6 “real” negotiations to develop skills as an effective negotiator.
  • Pacific: a practical, step-by-step, guide to managing high-performance teams.
  • Triskelion: a learning adventure in which the student develops their own personal productivity and time management system.

3. The Customer Service Learning Pathway

A business is nothing without its customers. That’s why offering outstanding customer service is so important to success.

This learning pathway has been developed using the following serious games:

  • 2100: a simulator to develop and train the skills of front-of-house workers.
  • ADA: a customizable course that allows any company, regardless of its sector, to upload its own training material directly into the game. This material generally consists of information about the products and services, the customer service process, and the business values.
  • Merchants: a game that teaches students to react positively and methodically to potential unforeseen circumstances and conflicts that may arise while attending to customers.
  • Mars: another customizable serious game that lets companies test and reinforce what their students learned using quizzes tailored to the specific material.

4. The Sales Learning Pathway

When a sales representative gets a lead or potential customer, it’s crucial that they have a good handle on how the sales process works from start to finish, and how to properly conduct themselves.

To make sure your team has all the tools they need, we’d recommend the following courses:

  • Merchants: it gives them the foundation to successfully navigate negotiations, including sales agreements.
  • Idea: it nurtures the creativity and flexible thinking needed to close tricky sales.
  • Triskelion: it helps them juggle tasks by giving them effective time-management and personal productivity tools.
  • Mars: it’s a final test to make sure they’ve fully retained what they learned.

5. The Onboarding Learning Pathway

It is very important to get your employees off on the right foot with the company. This Pathway makes sure they’re set up for success and are comfortable with company culture and policy before they even start

To effectively welcome employees and conduct onboarding, we’d suggest:

  • ADA: our tried and true serious game for onboarding. It allows companies to customize the content with the information the employee will need to start integrating into the company. They can start on the first day of work, or even before.
  • Triskelion: our popular game that guides students in developing a personal productivity and time management system that works for them.

Progress is one of the main constants in our professional and personal lives. We need to be working to create better versions of ourselves in order to stay productive and ahead of the curve in a world that is constantly changing.

This is why continuous, structured, and available training is key. All the Learning Pathways above are applicable to every professional, wherever you are, and whatever you do. All you need is a Gamelearn subscription. Once you’re on the platform, you’ll have access to all our courses, at any time of day, and with multiple language options. Sign up today to start seeing the benefits!

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