5 innovative companies and their digital transformations

Many modern companies often consider digitization to be a pipe dream, something that can be pushed off down the road, but in reality,  digital transformation is often a necessary step forward for companies that want to be industry innovators.

Digital transformation is becoming ever more important as it allows us to improve results and increase efficiency and flexibility by correctly updating our technologies and processes. 

Here are 5 examples of innovative companies and their digital transformations:

1. LG manages to merge training and innovation

LG had an important challenge to take on: increase the engagement and productivity of its staff through professional training. For them, the best way to tackle this challenge was to use a game-based learning platform using the latest digital technology.

Through this change, LG was able to understand and better serve the needs of its workers. They focused on their employees’ professional development by implementing a training solution that embraced the digital evolution in constant flux.

The training was carried out by 240 employees had overwhelmingly positive results:

  • 9.8 / 10 average score
  • 90% recommendation and completion
  • 97% content applicability

Check out the complete experience in the following video:

2. Banesco adds innovation to the financial sector

In the banking sector, Banesco has had to undergo constant changes in the face of new technologies. Many companies in this situation adapt just enough to survive, but at Banesco, they see digital innovation as an opportunity to grow and continue to position themselves as leaders in the field.

Their goal was to embrace their own digital transformation, moving towards the future by promoting the development of soft skills with training that was 100% online– no classrooms, no books, and no teachers.

With the help of the Gamelearn platform, they achieved 100% content applicability while promoting a change in their company culture to better achieve a more productive workforce.

3. Saint-Gobain modernizes the construction industry

In the construction materials industry, one of the leading innovators is Saint-Gobain, which updated business practices by embracing their own digital transformation.

With the implementation of Merchants, a serious game on negotiation and conflict resolution, Saint-Gobain managed to equip their team with the necessary skills through a dynamic and engaging training process that’s completely online.

In the words of Sabrina Robin, the Professional Quality Certificates Coordinator at Saint-Gobain Distribution, Bâtiment France:

“Merchants is, for us, a means of implementing something fun and modern to enter the digital age. We wanted to move into the future by investing in a much more engaging way to learn.”

4. L’Oréal learns through gaming

L’Oréal noticed a shift in the direction of corporate training in general– more towards the cultivation of soft skills instead of focusing on measurable abilities– and decided to adapt its training policy to follow suit.

Workers play an important role in self-training, but companies must make sure they are given the tools they need to succeed. This is where the implementation of innovative and continuous training comes in.

Eric De La Tour, Director of Commercial Excellence at L’Oréal, assures that:

“Our training is always multifaceted because, above all, we must make sure our employees stick with it. This is something that has not always been the case in the past. In the past, we tended to ignore the students’ time constraints at work. Playing is undoubtedly a good way to get people involved and engaged, regardless of age. We are all gamers at heart.”

With game-based learning, L’Oréal has been able to increase the skills of all its sales teams.

5. Chiara: digitization within everyone’s reach

At Chiara, they are very cognizant that digital transformation must be promoted in all areas, internally and externally.

They don’t just offer digital training for their team alone, they also invite the public to join in their immersive learning experience.

They have designed a VR mobile app that focuses on improving public speaking skills. Because it’s an online tool, it offers detailed feedback and personalized coaching so people can more easily overcome this very common fear.

The digital transformation is upon us

Digitization is inevitable, and these businesses are a testament to the success that it can bring if seen as an opportunity, not a nuisance. Regardless of the sector your business is in, giving your employees the tools they need to succeed in this new frontier is crucial to moving forward.

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