5 elements that the best online learning platforms have in common

While there are many online learning platforms, only a few elements rise up as the best above the rest. Although this may not appear to be a critical issue, in the long term it could be the decisive factor between a successful training program and a resounding failure.

1 – Interaction

Numerous studies have demonstrated that one of the keys to learning is interaction. As we become more engaged in a course, our brain activity increases and the educational results improve. The best online learning platforms involve interaction from the very outset, whether through gamification techniques with the direct participation of learners, videogames or any other interactive content.

2 – Quality content

While fairly obvious, it is unfortunately commonplace to neglect one of the most important aspects of the best online learning platforms: the quality of their content. While many training professionals focus on the number of courses, quality clearly prevails as the most essential aspect: it is better to have 3 or 4 excellent courses (from which your students will really learn) than 3,000 mediocre ones (for which nobody will want to sign up). In our modern world brimming with educational content (led by YouTube), never before has content quality been so important.

3 – Customer service

If you are thinking about developing or training a broad group of professionals, there is nothing more important than knowing that someone is at the other end of the line (phone or email) who can resolve your problems. What happens when there is some technical difficulty? Can the online learning platform resolve the issue? Where can learners turn to get help if any of the lessons gets stuck?

The best online learning platforms have a proven customer support service capable of not only addressing concerns but also providing assistance in the implementation of a training program or suggestions on how to motivate learners to complete their online course.

4 – Multi-device

Technology-related questions are important and could spell the difference between a training program with a completion rate of 90% and one of 20%. In addition to a fluid user experience, online learning platforms should adapt to all possible devices (computers -Windows, Mac, Linux-, tablets and cell phones -Android, iOS-). When incorporated within the scope of the company, it is essential to integrate the platform in your Learning Management System (LMS). When the online platform is available on all these devices, your learners can learn anytime and anywhere.

5 – Courses that excite

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated a longstanding assumption: we learn better when we are emotionally invested. Whether the content mixes narration, storytelling, characters, gamification or videogames, the human factor is critical to buttress learning. The best online platforms usually have this X factor, which elevates them to another level and sets them apart from the rest. As a closing tip, we recommend finding this final touch in your online learning platform that will make your learners more emotionally invested.

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