Effective Corporate Training: The Positive Effects of Video Games (Infographic)

Effective Corporate Training: The Positive Effects of Video Games (Infographic)

the effective of video games in corporate training


As ASTD explains in this research (Playing to Win: Gamification and Serious Games in Organizational Learning), 25% of organizations currently use gamification in learning, and 20% of them use serious games. This study looks at 551 business and learning professonals representing organizations of varying sizes and geographic locations.

Also, a training through video games is able to overcome the big problems of e-learning, improving employee engagement. 99% of our students recommend the game-based learning methodology and 99% of them consider it applicable in the workplace.

Learning while you are having fun playing a video game is possible, is real and it works. That is supported by the scientific report done by the Federation of American Scientists. As this report explains, the game:

  • Increases task completion by a 300%,
  • improves retention of what is learned by a 90%,
  • increases students’ confidence by a 20% and
  • increases students’ conceptual knowledge by a 20%.

The future of Training

The Global Market for Game-based Learning report (Ambient Insight) says that Game-based learning has the highest growth rate out of all the seven learning technology products tracked (e-learning, reference-ware, collaboration, simulation-based, cognitive and mobile learning).

There are many models and methodologies with proven effectiveness in training for companies: e-learning, blended, rapid-learning, simulators… But none of them achieve the results that video games do when it comes to training employees in a company.

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