Banesco consolidates its digital transformation thanks to game-based learning

“While classroom-based classes worked on 4 or 5 skills, video games deal with over 20. And we also saved $30,000. The return on the investment is much greater.”

Deycaris Muñoz, Development and Training Manager at Banesco Panama

CompanyBanesco, Financial and banking services
TrainingBanesco consolidates its digital transformation thanks to game-based learning promotion
Skills DevelopedContinuous Learning, self-confidence, coaching, communicating effectively, work-life balance, steady focus, change management, conflict management, innovation and creativity, leadership, negotiation, drive to deliver results, analytical thinking, planning, organizing and coordinating, problem solving, tolerance to pressure, decision-making, teamwork.
ProgramPeriod: 2016 – 2017. Trained employees: 200
Serious GamesPacific, Serious Game on Leadership and Team Management
Triskelion, Serious Game on Time Management and Productivity
Merchants, Serious Game on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
2100, Serious Game on Customer Service


Banesco is the largest private bank in Venezuela with over six million customers and nearly 1,600 ATMs in the country. The bank has offices in the United States, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Spain, where it provides services of bank accounts, deposits, loans and insurance.

In a context of intense competitiveness and the emergence of new technologies (including online payments, mobile apps, big data or fintech), Banesco is committed to innovation and digital transformation to maintain leadership in the sector. This entails the incorporation of new ways of working at the company, new technologies for increasing productivity and new services for fulfilling the expectations of twenty-first century customers.


  • Digital transformation. If the entire company progresses toward digitization, training and development should lead by example.
  • SMaximum flexibility. Banesco was seeking to free itself from the physical limits and provide its employees with full freedom to train wherever and whenever they wanted.
  • Skills training. Well aware of the importance of soft skills, which was identified at the Davos forum as one of the top in-demand skills for the next ten years, Banesco identified four improvement areas: customer service, negotiation, leadership and time management.


  • Gamelearn video games provide entirely flexible, 100% online training that learners can access from any device (simply with a username and password).
  • Applicable at the job. Gamelearn videogames are prominent for their practical content of exceptional quality.
  • Cost savings. By developing a training program that is entirely online and getting away from classroom-based courses, Banesco avoids the elevated costs of teachers, travel and lodge (together with the cost of opportunity).