Serious Game for Leadership and Team Management

Pacific allows anyone to develop leadership skills

Pacific island

A practical manual on how to manage teams

The contribution of the secrets on leadership of over 200 leading executives and CEOs (whom we interviewed) as well as Gamelearn’s 15 years of experience in corporate training guarantee Pacific’s theoretical approach, which is based on six key notions:

  1. Providing meaning to teamwork
  2. Building a team to face synergies
  3. Team motivation
  4. Tool development
  5. The correct delegation of tasks
  6. Feedback and coaching to boost teams

A experiential learning through the simulator

A team of volunteers traveling to provide humanitarian aid gets stranded on a desert island after a plane crash, with no possibility to communicate or send any SOS. The student takes the role of the leader to coordinate the whole group and manage to escape from the island.

The excellent use of the game itself to teach employee the skills, besides the inclusion of a sophisticated simulator which allowed users to practice, benefit from experiential learning, implement the skills and techniques learned and receive personalized feedback with tips for improvement.

a character of Pacific
pacific in html5

The most comprehensive Serious Game on leadership in the market

Gamelearn has invested 1 year and 2 millions dollars on content creation, as well as the design of a simulator and the development of gamification techniques that bring life to the course. 

The Serious Game has been developed with HTML5 language for an easier implementation, enabling access from any device (PC, tablets, smartphones, etc.). Besides, the 3D modeling contributes to a more advanced design for a complete learning experience.

In addition, the gamification techniques included are another one of the fundamental bases of Pacific: storytelling, rankings, level system and badges.

We work hard to make learning possible while having fun

We put together 15 years of experience in leadership traning in only one program.

We interviewed dozens of CEO’s from companies all around the world.

We applied our unique Game-based learning formula to the course content.

We have created the first course-video game for training of leaders.

Innovation at the service of training

The Pacific’s Characters

Age: 36

Nationality: Chinese

Biography: Born in Beijing. She was educated in Europe. Bachelor of Engineering. MBA. PhD in Mechanical Engineering. She worked for the CNSA (China Space Agency). Volunteer in H4A for almost ten years.

Profile: extreme (gifted) intelligence. Woman of character, strong, very direct. Sometimes it can become rather cold. Very athletic.

Age: 43

Nationality: Jordana

Biography: Born in Amman (Jordan). He worked from very young in the construction to become one of the most important business sector in the Middle East. Presently he is living in Dubai. He spent five years working with H4U besides being a major donor to the organization.

Profile: Entrepreneur. Very competitive. Avid reader and passionate about music. It has a great charisma and excellent communication skills. Athlete.

Age: 28

Nationality: Sweden

Biography: Resident in Stockholm. She studied nursing at the University of the Swedish capital. Very involved in the work of various NGOs since starting college. Her dream is to work as a nurse in an African country. Currently she is working at Karolinska University Hospital. This is her second collaboration H4A.

Profile: The youngest person on the team. Friendly and protective. Great vocation for his profession. Curious and passionate about learning.

Age: 58

Country: United States

Biography: Born in San Francisco. Doctor in Psychology from Stanford University. Presently he is living in Quebec (Canada) where he has a private practice in clinical psychology.

Profile: Veteran team. Quiet Man. Enjoy meditation. Yogi professional. Fan art, reading and balloon flights.

Age: 39

Nationality: Colombia

Biography: Born in Bogota. Much of her life has lived in Brazil. Doctor of Neurosurgery. No. 1 in his class at Harvard University. Currently Director of Section at the University Hospital of Madrid. This is his first project with H4A.

Profile: Fun, open and communicative. Very demanding and highly detailed.

Why Game-based learning?

  • The game increases task completion by a 300%
  • Improves retention of what is learned by a 90%
  • Increases students’ confidence by a 20%
  • Increases students’ conceptual knowledge by an 11%
  • 98% completion ratio
  • 99% recommendation ratio
  • 99% of students say that they apply the skils in their daily work.
  • 9,8 engagement level out of 10