10 innovative companies you should know about

10 innovative companies you should know about

The creativity that makes innovative companies stand out for their business models, design, training, new technologies and organization is a topic that captivates thousands of professionals year after year.

Companies with a focus on innovation stand out from the rest because they solve problems efficiently. They make a difference and create trends that impact their industry.

We are in the technological era and, although there are many projects that are still part of our imagination, there are companies that innovate daily through the use of AR, reality simulators and new products that meet the needs of customers in ways never before seen.

Here are the 10 cases of innovative companies that we find interesting to know. They belong to different economic sectors, but they all share the distinctive component of creativity.

1. Graphcore

In Graphcore they define themselves as an optimistic company that bets on a future where people can live with more health, information and creativity.

“We see a world where technology improves human potential, and leads us to a new era of intelligence and progress from which everyone can benefit”.

This startup emerged in Bristol, England to promote Artificial Intelligence. To do this, they designed an Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) chip optimized for industrial strength machine learning. Graphcore chips enable AI systems to work faster than ever before.

Since 2019 the company works with Microsoft and Dell offering other companies access to Graphcore technology on demand.

2. Enercon

Enercon is one of the largest energy development companies in Germany. They develop wind turbine and their objectives have expanded over time as well as their international presence.

Currently, Enercon is committed to the development of the wind energy sector from start to finish. For this purpose, they have used Merchants, the training simulator, to improve the training quality of their employees.

Through the course lessons, based on real experiences, the company’s employees had the opportunity to acquire knowledge to improve their negotiation and business conflict resolution skills.

Kyle Freedman, Corporate Training Manager of Enercon, assures that the quality of the simulator was one of the elements that captivated and motivated the employees:

“It seems like you were inside a Disney or Pixar movie and the implementation by our fort was very simple. Everyone learned something fun in the training.”

At Enercon, they are not only betting on a better future but also focusing on driving goals from the present, with innovative training for their employees.

3. Canva

You may have already heard of Canva, the web design tool that has simplified the work of millions of professionals. Founded in 2012, it features an intuitive format, flexible design customization and the ability to use the tool on different devices with Internet connection.

Canva, like most current platforms, works with a subscription system with free and paid premium options. The Australian company currently has more than one million people subscribed to the paid option and more than one million presentations, of all types, are developed through the tool.

In Canva they have been able to identify the needs of the corporate design market focused on marketing. In response, they have developed a value proposal to generate designs that can be quickly adapted to the most widely used formats. This includes a wide range of options from business presentations to banners for social media.

4. Sanitas

Nowadays, the limits of access to information and knowledge have become diffuse and those companies capable of using this fact in their favour, promoting creativity and business development, are the ones that stand out from the rest.

In this case, it is Sanitas, a pioneering company in the health sector, where they wanted to bring innovation and added value to the traditional training process. To this end, the company also opted for the video game Merchants to revolutionize business learning processes, improving engagement and retention of what has been learned.

Daniel Ferreiro, head of Human Resources at Sanitas, says that the video game:

“transformed behaviors and attitudes” within his company. “It was spectacular,” he insists.

Given the success achieved, the company continues to invest in video games for training with other titles such as Pacific, allowing them to save costs and enhance the development of their teams.

5. Healthy.io

Healthy.io is a company that has managed to expand the use and functionality of such a widely used product as the mobile phone camera. Through an application that has a professional and multidisciplinary team specializing in urine analysis, they offer users the possibility of taking the test from home. The FAO approves the process used by Healthy-io.

This innovative app surprises us once again with how wonderful technology can be when used for a common purpose such as improvements for the human being.

The design of the application is intuitive and user-centered, providing guidance and security throughout the process.

6. Packt Publishing

Packt Publishing is a UK-based international company in the technology on-demand book publishing sector. Since 2004 it has focused on providing quality content and professional courses on IT.

With a leading and stable product in the sector, the company faced an internal challenge due to the global and digital characteristics of its current staff. From the human resources department they decided to overcome the space and time barrier and bet on the game-based learning training methodology.

This is how the employees voluntarily attended the training, motivated by everything they would learn in leadership and team management in the serious game Pacific.

The results were satisfactory for the whole company and the implementation of experiential learning demonstrated, once again, the added value it generates.

7. Unbabel

With millions of people in the world speaking different languages, translation has become one of the linguistic processes that continues to boom over time.

The central challenge: none of the machine translation applications on the market can deliver results as authentic as those of a native speaker.

Unbabel identified this problem as an opportunity to break the language barrier between companies and their customers by offering quality content developed by an AI system that is then perfected by a global community of linguists.

Once again, technology at the service of human needs is capable of surprising and satisfying users worldwide.

8. Apollo-Optik

The German company Apollo-Optik is the leader in the country’s optical retail market. Two of the differential elements that characterize it are the human capital and the quality resources that the company invests to develop itself.

In this opportunity, the selected tool was Pacific, the leadership and team management course. Thanks to the high quality and interactive contents, the participants enjoyed the training process and acquired functional knowledge for their day-to-day work at Apollo-Optik.

This is how the technological gamification applied to learning proves to be the future of business training.

9. Incountry

Incountry is here to stay, and not only in California, where the company was founded a year ago, but also in more than 60 countries where its global service compliance system is a fact.

With the digital transformation that we are experiencing worldwide, concerns about encryption, the anxiety generated in companies to protect their information and the new data protection law (GDPR) have provided the key clues for the development of Inconutry,

This company stores the most important user data in their home country – what is the innovative component that sets them apart? The privacy they guarantee to their customers.

10. AXA

AXA, the French multinational specialized in insurance, is present in more than 50 countries and, since its inception in 1985, has been dedicated to building a society with a better quality of life for all people, including its employees.

The company has created a development itinerary in transversal skills with 100% online and gamified e-learning courses. AXA Seguros achieved the basis for the effective development of its employees’ soft skills through the attractive format of courses such as Triskelion.

We hope that these examples will serve as inspiration for all business creators who read us.

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