time management & personal productivity
Become a history professor
following in the footsteps of
the philosopher Seneca
seeking to find the treasure of
the Order of Wisdom as you
learn to manage your time
Engrossed in a twenty-one day virtual
adventure follow clues, and solve
puzzles and mysteries manage mail,
organize tasks, attend meetings, handle
calls and travel to exotic locations while
you receive ongoing and fully
personalized feedback that allows you to
learn from your own decisions,
strategies and mistakes

Everyone learns best by seeing and doing

We've taken this simple truth and created a revolutionary learning game, Triskelion. Triskelion combines an in-depth course, a virtual-world simulator and a thrilling adventure video game played to see, practice and learn time management skills.

Playing Triskelion, employees travel to Cairo, Granada, Rome and other exotic locations as they follow in the footsteps of a treasure-seeking history professor uncovering clues that lead to discovering the philosopher Seneca’s Secret Order of Wisdom, and reveal centuries-old hidden secrets for happiness and success.

With over fifteen hours of playing time – the equivalent to two days intensive classroom learning – Triskelion allows an employee to discover a complete time management system already enjoyed by tens of thousands of employees from some 400 companies.

As employees play Triskelion, a virtual world-simulator analyzes their performance and gives personalized feedback to instill learning as they progress through the game. So, not only do employees see time management lessons as they would watching a (probably boring) video, they actually do time management in a virtual world and, therefore, really learn.
With 90% completion rates, over 99% of players recommend Triskelion and say its tips and tools have real world application.

What will employees learn from this course?

· Learn how to plan, prioritize and accomplish objectives

· Discover tips, tools and techniques to manage their work so they make better decisions

· Find methods to avoid procrastination, be more efficient and enhance their professional contributions

· Understand how focusing and simplifying fosters personal productivity, reduces stress and allows for better job performance

What will the company gain?

· High levels of employee completion and engagement (and fun!)

· Because of in-game personalized feedback, skills mastery well beyond that realizable even in a classroom session

· Ability to cost-effectively provide consistent skills learning across dispersed geographies and employee segments

· An objective-focused approach and results-oriented work ethic

· Improved efficiency of processes

· Enhanced initiative and pro-activity

· A well-deserved reputation as a forward-thinking provider of cutting-edge training solutions

· Over 15 hours of playing time

· Available in English, French and Spanish

· Track the activity and progress of each participant

· No software installation. Cloud based

· Only Internet access and Flash Player required