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Negotiation &
Conflict resolution

Mixing decades of corporate training know-how and lots of video game playing fun, Gamelearn develops online game-based learning products for soft skills training. Our game-based learning solutions improve life’s highly valued skills. Negotiation and time management are soft skills, as opposed to technical or occupational skills. Such skills are increasingly demanded by employers, and desired by employees. In fact, these skills may be more important over the longer term than technical or occupational skills. We believe this to be globally true. Because of their nature, improving these soft skills is incredible difficult and requires us to build sophisticated, complex game-based simulations.

For companies and individuals seeking skills improvement, we offer a unique solution that delivers learning quality comparable to effective classroom learning but online so the solution is scalable and cost-effective. Each of our solutions draws on the highest quality pedagogical underpinning presented in an innovative game-based format so learning and user completion are propelled by gamification elements.

We began creating our solutions before game-based learning and gamification were common terms, as they have become. In this regard, we are proud to say we realize the promise of game-based learning and lead the market in providing soft skills training products through interactive adventure video games.

Serious Games
Gamelearn is a leading developer of off-the-shelf serious games played to improve soft skills. The term serious games refers to the use of videogame for purposes other than entertainment, such as corporate training and employee learning and development. We refer to the methodology used in Gamelearn’s serious games as g-learning or game-learning. G-learning refers to the combination of four key elements: Gamification, game-based learning, simulation and theoretical contents.

Gamelearn’s serious games are based on solid, state-of-the art theoretical content, which is learned through game play as the user practices and applies what is being taught. This happens because Gamelearn’s video games incorporate a sophisticated simulator enabling students to learn from their own experience, mistakes and successes.

Gamelearn’s serious games focus on soft skills training. In order to be improved, soft skills require practice and development and the use of serious games provides an especially successful way of improving soft skills. Because of the incorporation of a complex simulator, students receive constant feedback so they can learn from their decisions, successes and mistakes.